The original Cavern Club was first opened by Alan Sytner on Wednesday 16 January 1957

it thrives as a contemporary music club. The Beatles made their first appearance at the club on Tuesday 9 February 1961,

featuring John Lenon, Paul McCartney. George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe,and Pete Best on drums. The Beatles established themselves

as yhe Cavern Club's signature act. The Beatles final appearance at the club was on August 3,1963 storming the U.S by 1964.

The Cavern Club Bangkok

The cavern club bangkok

Mr.Boonlor Compoonich was born and raised in bangkok, Thailand. In the late 60's Boon moved

to California to further his education eventually settled and worked for almost 30 year.

It was in this environment that he developed a passion for classicial flims and "oldies but goodies" music in particular The Beatles.

He has created The cavern club Bangkok as an entertainment venue to revive the people's love for the sounds of The Beatle and other groups from the era of the 'oldies but gooddies'

inconvenience for awile. So whether you'er young or old come and enjoy a memorable evening with us at The Cavern Club Bangkok.

270 ถนน ประเสิรฐมนูญกิจ แขวง จระเข้ เขตลาดพร้าว กรุงเทพมหานคร 10230

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